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Cyndi Olmstead

Hey Oldsmar, I’m Cyndi! As a native of California, I’ve had the incredible fortune to move to this amazing community and I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. I chose Oldsmar as my home in August of 2022, and there’s no looking back!  

I’m a real estate agent (former career aerospace manufacturing executive) with a passion for travel. I’ve had the fortune to travel to many countries and see many different cultures. I very much enjoy all types of music, being outdoors, and basically just living my blessed life!

I will probably never have enough spa time in my life … the spa is definitely my happy place! 

I enjoy spending my time on a bike (which I do not do enough!) and exploring the many trails that Florida has to offer – I especially enjoy my local favorite – the Pinellas trail. I have several bicycles (electric, hybrid, stationary, and Cyndi-powered) and I enjoy riding all of them. I love being on or near the water – lakes, streams, rivers, oceans, or a backyard swimming pool will all scratch that itch. I also LOVE to golf – so if you’re up for a game with THE worst golfer you know? Then I am your gal! My game is rough, but I sure do enjoy being out on the green or at the driving range and I have a lot of fun playing!  This all collectively makes Pinellas County the perfect place for me! 

I currently live in Oldsmar in the East Lake Woodlands neighborhood. I have lots of family in the area, including my sister and brother-in-law, my niece and her family, and my son and his family. The apple of my eye is my granddaughter Isabella (Bella) who will often be seen in tow helping grandma sell a house or help out the community. 

I’m passionate about serving my community and really enjoy working with charities that support children and empower people to live a great life. I am having a great time working in the communities of Pinellas and Hillsborough counties, so if you need an extra hand with your charity or event, please look me up. I look forward to connecting with you!

See you around town!

I’m a Realtor® with a passion for finding new Oldsmar places to explore.

I’m passionate about serving the Oldsmar community, and am looking forward to helping you with your home buying and selling needs. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a Realtor® who values hard work, integrity, and providing excellent client experiences as much as I do — or an agent who loves serving this community so much.

When I’m not making my clients’ dreams become reality, I enjoy spending my time cycling on the local Pinellas County trails and playing golf in Clearwater. I currently live in the East Lake Woodlands neighborhood with my family and two dogs.

Contact me any time with your real estate questions at (818) 943-2744. See you around town!

I’m passionate about serving the Oldsmar community, and look forward to connecting with you!